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Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing

Very High quality.  Most shirts you see in department stores have been screen printed.  Screen printing requires a bit of setup but once set up we can crank out shirts very efficiently.  This allows higher quantity runs to be printed at lower prices.

Quality and Washability?

Screen Printing is the most durable and long-lasting print method for garments. It is generally considered to be the most durable.  You can wash these garments without any special instructions most of the time.


What affects the Price?

Adding garments to the order is the number one thing that will reduce the per-piece cost.  Due to the high amount of work when setting up each color in the design, most of the cost comes from this setup.  After the automatic press is set up, we load the shirt and print.  on long runs, we can get up to 32 dozen an hour.  (That's 384 shirts an hour!).  

We use proprietary software we built in-house to quote every order.  This allows us to ensure you get the best price every time.  We calculate our time, supplies, and all related costs.  We then add our profit margin.  The margin is calculated by performing competitor analysis and monitoring market conditions to ensure we offer the most competitive prices while ensuring we stay in business and have the funds to offer great customers and quality products.

- Quantity (How many get the same design printed)
- Ink Colors (What ink colors will we be using?  An American Flag would have 3 colors.  Red, White, and Blue)
- Print Locations (Will we be printing on the front and back.  This takes quite a bit more time to set up both locations)


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