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At SHIRT52, we provide unrivaled customer service and deliver the highest quality products, ensuring satisfaction and exceeding expectations every time. Good customer service seems to be a thing of the past, but not here at SHIRT52. Getting custom apparel should be a fun process. We plan to make it a great experience!


How it all started

In 2007, fresh out of tech school, I embarked on a promising career with Jaguar, only to be laid off due to the economic downturn, leading me to a job at Honda. Realizing that the world of auto repair wasn't my true calling, I started looking for a more fulfilling path.

My life took a turn when I met two brothers from New Jersey who were pioneers of a production company. They needed T-shirts, and with youthful optimism, I left everything behind to join them, founding We Play Crazy Clothing.

(I am the one in the back)


Initially, the journey was exhilarating as we brushed shoulders with the famous and tasted success. However, financial woes and internal conflicts soon overshadowed the glamour. Living in an old factory, I faced the harsh realities of youth and adulthood. Our business began to crumble, and I had to pick up a day job.  Working at a small beach store in Seaside Heights, I slowly rebuilt my life, supplementing my income with custom T-shirt orders. Eventually, I secured a residence near the Jersey Shore House and reflected on the tumultuous journey that had shaped my character and resilience.

Despite the hardships, the journey became a lifelong entrepreneurial pursuit, marked by significant challenges like the global upheaval of COVID-19, the loss of my brother, and the joy of meeting an incredible woman. It's been a journey of resilience, learning, and growth, embracing the unexpected, and finding purpose in making a difference. To all who have supported me, thank you for giving my life meaning and fueling my passion.

It's my goal to build a business that can inspire others, create meaningful connections, and leave a lasting impact on the community. Through dedication, resilience, and the support of those who believe in our vision, I aim to turn challenges into opportunities and dreams into reality. Thank you for being a part of this journey.


It has been a fun journey filled with its ups and downs, but I am truly excited for the future.  I looked forward to meeting new people and building relationships.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some extremely talented people over the years. 

If you got this far, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to working with you on your next project!


Our shirts on MTV!
The Original factory.  We drove all the way to Canada to pick up this screen printing press.
Graffiti in the original WE PLAY CRAZY Factory
Crazy Mike Crowd Surfing
One of the first Designs for WE PLAY CRAZY
From the wall to a shirt
Our first Sale
BMX master and Moto Legend

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