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Direct to Film Printing

What is Direct to film printing and why is it so great at lower quantity orders with lots of ink colors?

DTF Printing utilizes a special type of printer to print on a piece of PET film.  This is similar to the way your desktop printer prints on a piece of paper.  This is then heat pressed to the shirt.

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Quality, does it last, How does it Feel?

Direct to film printing has came along way since the days of heat pressing crappy plasticky feeling things on your chest.  Advancements in ink and printer technology has really made a difference.  Durability and quality is now similar to screen printing.



Why our process is even better.

We use a proprietary method to drive the print deeper into the fabric.  This creates a nice feeling print that can be washes the same as any other shirt.


Full Color Vibrant Prints.

One benefit of DTF printing is that it can print vivid, full-color graphics on a variety of fabrics, including polyester.

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